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In Tune for Life

Creative media solutions to help improve life in communities around the world

In Tune for Life (ITFL) uses animation, film, music and vocal production to enhance our partners' work and improve people's lives. We take every opportunity we can to engage and empower creative talent in communities seriously challenged by poor health and poverty.

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In Tune for Life provides creative media solutions to improve health in local communities.

We work with a wide range of health, development and social enterprise partners around the world to produce unique animation, video and music. 

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What We Do

Combining art and efficiency to support our partners

In Tune for Life offers a broad range of production services, including but not limited to animation, film and music. We have years of experience working with public health and emergency response partners, and we're just as comfortable developing and refining projects from conception as we are delivering quickly to a detailed brief.

Past and current clients and partners include the UK National Health Service, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Baylor University Indiana, the London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine, Christian Aid and the University of London.

Animation production

Creativity, flexibility, efficiency

ITFL makes content in and for all settings, often designing tools to allow easy future adaptation for use in different languages and regions.

For example: for our SUPA project, we developed an animated instructional video to increase the quality of samples for TB testing. So far this has been adapted into nearly 30 languages, including at least one (San) that has no written form.

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Film and documentary

Happy endings depend where you stop the story

ITFL can also produce material for film and television. In 2015 we produced 'Chiyembekezo' (meaning ‘Hope’ in Chichewa), a film telling the story of a pregnant woman’s journey from HIV diagnosis to disclosure.

The film is part of a video programme  to provide clear, consistent information and counselling to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers without the need for a counsellor to be present. The film is used by health workers throughout Malawi during the critical ‘teachable moment’ immediately following a positive HIV diagnosis, before they begin treatment on the same day.


Where it all started

ITFL's earlier projects were centred on music. Working with musicians in communities in a number of different countries, we have recorded and produced a range of albums and songs designed to support public health and community outreach programmes.

All of this music can be heard on our SoundCloud page.

Home: What We Do
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